Add Or Update Your Profile

Licensed attorneys who regularly practice in this county are eligible for membership in the local bar association. Information about dues or other membership requirements are available from the bar association president.

If the bar president has already added a list of members, you may have a partially completed profile. You can update your profile by obtaining a personal key from your bar president under the Update Your Profile tab. If you aren’t listed, you can add a new profile on the same page or by clicking the Add or Update Your Profile above, but it won’t be visible until your membership is confirmed by the president. A valid email and personal key are required to help with site security.

Visitors to the site can search our membership alphabetically and view each member’s profile. You are in complete control of what information to add to the profile and how you want to attract potential clients. The profile questionnaire includes a place for a picture, a description of your experience, practice areas, and much more.

Each time someone visits the site, an updated profile is randomly selected from the database of members and spotlighted on the front page. Only those attorneys with completed, updated and approved profiles are chosen for the spotlight, so it’s important to keep your profile updated.

Thank you for your continued support of the bar association.


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